Doctor Sultan’s nutrition and health test kit


Doctor Sultan’s nutrition and health test kit gives you insight into the condition and health of your body.

  • Simple blood (at the clinic), saliva and urine (at home) tests

  • Personalized and complete overview of all the results

  • Dutch laboratory with extensive experience in scientific research and diagnostic analysis

  • Safe and private

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What is the Doctor Sultan Nutrition and Health program?

We have developed a combination of tests (also called a metabolome) that provides insight into the processing of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) from the diet and how the various metabolic processes are balanced. Subtle differences in their mutual relationship reflect a disturbed balance and are specific to each individual.
We do the above measurements when you are sober (10 hours without eating and drinking) so that we always measure in a stable situation that can be easily compared.
To also gain insight into how food directly affects you, we have also developed tests that are taken immediately after a meal. For this, we do not use blood, but saliva. We then look specifically at the absorption of glucose and lactate, because these are the most important metabolites in developing a metabolic imbalance. By simultaneously measuring glucose and lactate in saliva, we get a good understanding of carbohydrate metabolism after eating. In urine, we can determine the severity and origin of any chronic acidosis. Chronic low-grade acidosis has an important contribution to the development of many chronic diseases.

By comparing the results of these metabolic processes and interpreting them in context, we are able to draw the correct conclusions about your metabolic health and give the right advice regarding a healthy diet, supplements, and lifestyle

How does it work?

  • Order your nutrition and health test in our shop

  • Schedule an appointment and visit Doctor Sultan’s clinic

  • Take the blood test at the clinic, and the saliva and urines tests you can take home with you, and take them using our new, user-friendly method

  • Return the test by mail directly to the lab

  • Your results will be securely shared with you within two weeks

  • Optionally followed by a consultation with Doctor Sultan*

  • In this consultation with Doctor Sultan, you will receive personal lifestyle advice based on your results to improve your health.*

* Consultation afterward is not included in this product. If you are looking for the complete package, including the consult and advice with doctor Sultan, please go to Doctor Sultan’s Nutrition and Health test package


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