Doctor Sultan’s food allergy test kit


  • Blood test at our clinic using a simple finger prick

  • A comprehensive package with assessment for 88 different food allergies

  • Personal advice based on the results

  • Dutch laboratory with extensive experience in scientific research and diagnostic analysis

  • Safe and private

Order your food allergy test kit now.


How does it work?

  • Order the food allergy test kit with all materials for user-friendly collection

  • Schedule an appointment with Doctor Sultan

  • Take the food allergy test using our new, user-friendly method at our clinic

  • Return the test by mail directly to the lab

  • Your results will be securely shared with you within two weeks

  • Optionally followed by consultation with Doctor Sultan*

  • In this consultation with Doctor Sultan, you will receive personal lifestyle advice based on your results.*

* Consultation is not included in this product.


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